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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nigeria @ 50

Do it right

We've arrived at a jubilee, with the hope of a rebirth
hurray! but the feathers that lay on our eagles back are wet
wet from the the rain of corruption,ignorance,greed and more
yet we hope
we hope for the rays of youths protruding out of the sun of do it right
to come clean or may i say dry our feathers so we can once again fly with light wings and more

at a jubilee, we've only survived with a rusty gold to celebrate with
yet this is what we are
a nation keen with a golden vision
our dedication,tenacity,ruggedity,thirst,hunger,swagger and ginger to do it right
is what will give us a Nigeria of our dream

then and only then will i be proud to say without a pinch of doubt that i am green2dabones



At the sound "Dencounter" one can almost tap into the whole idea that lay behind the vision, nevertheless it is said, that ''true purpose can only be found in the mind of the creator'' -myles monroe

God has purposed dencounter to bring people to his bosom and also to wipe the tears of the needy, a place or an environment where people can come and encounter the presence of God in his awesomeness and glory here on earth, a place where heaven will smile and pour out its rain of change upon all soul, an encounter of blessing, peace ,restoration, fulfillment and many more....

with dencounter, i have no choice but to believe that God is about to redistribute wealth among his people.

MISSION statement

Our mission is to use the good news of God i.e. (gospel) to tune the hearts of men towards the heavenly agenda, using music as the medium.

VISION statement

Our vision is to take dencounter round the world and using it to impact lives for the better.

THE birth

This is a vision that was birthed on my kneels three years ago,and i remember vividly that i was praying concerning Gods own purpose for my life, but during this prayer, an idea dropped into my heart and ever since became a burden. i saw a need to win souls for God through the ministry of songs and also provide aid for the needy, i thought of a way to accomplish this vision, then the name dencounter dropped in. (divine encounter). and for three years , i had known no peace until now. (ii Corinthians 5:18-19)


Dencounter is a gospel musical crusade that is aimed at achieving two very important goals. these goals i must emphasize that they are burden we must tend to as members of the body of Christ, they are thus listed as follows
  • Winning souls for Christ and
  • Raising alms for the needy

We hope to achieve an event where people will come and listen to quality praise, worship and word inspiring songs that will break yokes, bring deliverance and also bring men down to their knees to the glory of God.


We would cease this wonderful opportunity to raise funds for the needy,i.e we would be working alongside with different orphanage homes, destitute homes and more.


  • Is to use music as a source of communicating the gospel to the dying.
  • To change the face of gospel music in Nigeria, to a place where gospel artistes refuse to see themselves as just entertainers, but ministers of the good news.
  • To reach out to the less privilegded in the society

We hope to reach out to the community, the yet to be saved and also Christians alike that are backslid ed.


I see dencounter go round the world,populating the kingdom of heaven and impacting lives positively, i also see an encounter that has come to change the concept of the Nigerian gospel music, i believe that it is time gospel artistes start seeing themselves as ministers of the gospel and not mere entertainers of the public.