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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nigeria @ 50

Do it right

We've arrived at a jubilee, with the hope of a rebirth
hurray! but the feathers that lay on our eagles back are wet
wet from the the rain of corruption,ignorance,greed and more
yet we hope
we hope for the rays of youths protruding out of the sun of do it right
to come clean or may i say dry our feathers so we can once again fly with light wings and more

at a jubilee, we've only survived with a rusty gold to celebrate with
yet this is what we are
a nation keen with a golden vision
our dedication,tenacity,ruggedity,thirst,hunger,swagger and ginger to do it right
is what will give us a Nigeria of our dream

then and only then will i be proud to say without a pinch of doubt that i am green2dabones

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